Personal Development Workshop - how does it work?

Remember the joy, the confidence, the freedom you once had, when you were being Unapologetically Yourself?

One day after Valentine's Day was the time to show love to ourselves. As a result, in collaboration with Hannah Shecter, I organised a workshop for her Marketing Boss Ladies community, which is filled with ambitious marketers who want to achieve the goals they're after and get closer to the life of their dreams. I enabled them to reconnect with their most authentic self while their open hearts & open minds sparked new thoughts, new feelings, new opinions, new resolutions.

On this Saturday afternoon, the participants:

  • Uncovered some of the Values that shape who they are

  • Gained a deeper understanding of What Truly Motivates them

  • Worded out their Purpose In Life

  • Developed strategies to Achieve Any Goal

  • Owned the tools to create The Life They Deserve

We danced, like nobody is watching and like everybody is watching. We spend so much time connected to our minds, typing away on our keyboards, that we forget what is our main tool for the soundest decisions, for the happiest moments: our body.

We had conversations about the six human needs, the unconscious parts of our mind, inner archetypes, hero's journeys, love languages and other super interesting topics and we ended the day with a self-designed poster showing values, purpose in life and other powerful self-awareness gems, that the participants take home as an "anchor".

We connected with the sovereignty that lives in us, the love & compassion that we are meant to give in this life, the magic that helps us be creative and find solutions and the wisdom of the warrior who knows when is time to go to war and when is time to make peace.

On Saturday, we embarked on the first steps of "A journey from Awareness to Achievement" because:

Awareness creates Confidence.
Confidence creates Action.
Action creates Results.

Love ❤️,


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