I help you discover 
your purpose,
so you can live
your best life.

Tired of living a life without a clear purpose?

Confused about what are you meant to do? 

Not knowing how to start?

this is my PROMISE to you





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Make it UNACCEPTABLE not living your dreams & unlock


How would it be like, that every day:

  • you wake up with clarity?

  • you feel aligned with your purpose?

  • you do what makes you feel alive?

Getting your life in order just by yourself can be hard. 

I would like you to stop feeling stuck, undecided and alone.

Every new month, a group of 5 people

start "The POWER of PURPOSE" program with me.

All sessions are individual.

Even if the program offers 24h of coaching

(12h of coaching and 12h of workshops),

we often end up working together at least double that time,

because I want to make sure everyone gets the value they need

from their investment of time, energy and money. 


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6 things

you should know about me


My mission

supporting others connect with their purpose & lead a more fulfilling life.

I empower my clients to tap into the potential they already possess, in order to transform their lives. I help them discover their purpose, gain more clarity and create a bright future for themselves.


My phIlosophy

I believe people have more than one purpose in life.
What served them 5 or 10 years ago, might not serve them now.
Have the courage to look deep into your heart and discover what makes you come alive. People should live their life at its most powerful and deepest level, by connecting to their purpose and become what they always longed to be.


My purpose in life

My purpose in life is to be COURAGEOUS and PLAYFUL

connected to my HEARTand guide people towards FULFILMENT.



  1. I define how life should look like for me.

  2. I take responsibility for my life.

  3. I let go of what is outside my control.

  4. I try to be the best I can be.

  5. I live fully.


My power virtues

  1. I am COURAGE.
  2. I am SELF-LOVE




  1. Transformational Coach

  2. Fundraising and Founder

  3. Corporate Marketing Manager

  4. World Traveler

2 things





Tell me, what is it you plan to do 

with your one wild & precious life?


I am here to help you reach for the stars. 


I can support you let go of your old beliefs, make room for new thoughts and ideas which will help you design the life you dreamt for yourself. 




 Are you ready?

 Is the pain of living a lesser life than what you imagined for yourself, 

no longer acceptable?

Can you be honest with yourself? 

✓ Can you be kind to yourself? 

Are you ready to invest in yourself?


what do my clients say?

  • VLAD, business analyst & founder

    "Adriana helped me manifest my purpose"

    Adriana is a joy to work with! Her insight and heart-centered approach makes her the ideal choice for someone in need. Her coaching knowledge is impressive and her organised approach helped me find a much needed clarity. As a result, I gained self-confidence and I was able to launch my business smoothly and create a coherent branding strategy. 

  • KATHERINE, owner & founder

    "Adriana's fantastic at holding space"

    She has an incredibly sweet energy and was fantastic at holding the space for the group. She implements a lot of Tony Robbins teachings which are eye-opening and so valuable. So important to really understand oneself and our own intrinsic values on a deep level.

    She puts a lot of love, organisation, energy, and value into her work and that was greatly noticed.

  • ANDRA, attorney

    "An action plan to reach what I wanted"

    Adriana's warm, open and confident attitude has been the ideal start to the positive changes in my life. In a few coaching sessions, Adriana addressed in a structured way the issues in my life that I wanted to improve, helped me realise my vulnerabilities and create an action plan to reach what I wanted.

  • ANDREW, logistics officer

    "Incredibly helpful"

    I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was drifting and needed some guidance.

    She worked with me to identify what I wanted to change in my life, offering support and guidance that I have found to be incredibly helpful for me, to focus on what I needed to do, boosting my confidence.

  • STEPHEN, consultant

    "My newly found purpose makes things clearer"

    Reflecting on the sessions with Adriana, I realised the impact our conversation had on the way I approach things now. My conversation with Adriana helped me open myself to new possibilities I had previously considered, but had managed to talk myself out of. Things have become clearer now. Adriana was a great listener, and got me to open up more than I would have expected to.

  • HANNAH, global events manager

    "I found my true calling"

    Adriana helped me get a better sense of my values and what's important in my life! Within 3 hours she was able to dig deep and was able to uncover values which I didn't even know I had. She helped me find my path to what the purpose of my life really is. After her workshop I really was able to unleash my creative, inspirational side and found my true calling.


Your journey starts now!


by Adriana Frasin

22303 Hamburg


+49 (0) 170 211 90 41

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